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Available Services

Target Demographic

Ages 8 - 17

Generalized Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Self Esteem

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


Building Independence

Self Regulation


Life Transitions

( i.e School, Divorce, Moving)


1:1 Counselling

Coping Strategies

Therapeautic Art Facilitations

Goal Oriented Programming


(CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Strength-Based Approach

Behavior Modification

Mindfulness-Based Interventions

Therapeautic Interventions

Trauma-Informed Lens

Acceptance & Commitment Therapeutic Interventions


Our Framework To Help Support Anxiety

  • Learn what causes anxiety on a neurobiological level (age depending)

  • Recognize triggers for anxiety

  • Identifying and collaborating on coping strategies to help manage and reduce anxiety at the moment

  • Identify and address environmental stressors

  • Build habits that will support you in the future

Our Framework When Tackling Depression

  • Learn what causes depression on a neurobiological level (age depending)

  • How to identify depressive symptoms

  • Create better stress-handling habits

  • Enhancing Resilience to tackle distress

  • Gain a greater sense of control over your life by becoming more grounded

Why Choose Resiliency & me

What proudly sets our programs apart is that we create a customized package that can be utilized in school settings, home, and childcare facilities, with set strategies that help tackle the behavior using the strengths of the child/youth, which we help develop through our sessions.

We specialize in building a therapeutic rapport with our clients.

Our priorities when building therapeutic relationships with our clients are transparency, trust, safety, and empathy.

Our clients and referrals come from a multitude of children and youth-based agencies in Halton, Peel, and the GTA.

Resiliency & ME is also listed on

Our Services  


1 Session

1:1 Counselling

Identifying Strengths/Challenges

Exploring Coping Strategies


4 Week Program

1:1 Counselling

Identifying Strengths and Challenges

Exploring Coping Strategies

Therapeutic Art Activities

Strategies Portfolio 

24/7 access to a counselor directly through phone or email

* We want our services to be accessible to all families.
A payment plan can be made upon request

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