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resiliency & me


​Platinum & Gold Recipient - Community Milton Votes 2021, 2022 & 2023

 Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the resilience of our community's children and youth. 

What is resilience

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from life’s challenges, such as stress, adversity, failure, challenges or even trauma.

All children are capable of working through any life's adversities.

We believe everyone is born with an innate level of resilience, and through experiences and obstacles, it is a skill that they can develop as they grow.

 Resilient children and youth are more likely to take healthy risks and step outside their comfort zones. 

Enhanced resilience can support them to reach their goals and solve problems independently. 

Children and youth encounter stress and challenges of varying degrees as they grow. 


We at Resiliency & ME support children and youth as they navigate through their journey...

Our Services

Our Child and Youth Care Workers (CYCW) have designed a unique program that will help support your child/adolescent's emotional and mental well-being.

We incorporate a therapeutic holistic approach to our work.

Our CYCWs offer 1:1 Counselling,  Coping Mechanisms, and Creative Therapeutic expression that can be integrated into school settings, and coping with everyday challenges.

Additional services include Goal-Oriented Programming, Therapeutic Art, and Self Regulation techniques that support resilience.

These learning resources support our clients to resolve conflicts in a healthier manner and provide them with the ability to tackle life challenges with confidence.